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The company Express Cafe was founded in 1994 by Nikos Theodosopoulos and active in the vending drinks, soft drinks and food (snack).

The vending area (Vending) is an internationally and nationally a dynamically developing sector. Businesses now have the opportunity to offer to employees and customers a wide variety of beverages, soft drinks and high quality food and specifications, available the entire 24-hour period without employment of personnel, achieving simultaneous reduction of operating expenses.

Our company offers a wide range of vending products and services in order to optimally meet market needs.

Our extensive experience and expertise, cooperation with renowned international firms, continued rising and confidence of our customers are the guarantee for our successful cooperation.

Sincerely Nick Theodosopoulos

The Express Cafe can offer you

Analysis of your needs concerning the automatic sale of beverages, soft drinks and food (snack)

Design the solution that best meets your needs.


The solution includes the option of purchasing way (selling, renting or exploitation), selection of slot machines and a variety of coffee & amp; food, billing methods, their placement sites etc. 

Supply of essential vending and catering products

Installation of vending machines at your premises

 Update staff on the use and protection of vending machines

Durable and consistent supply, Maintenance and Technical Support

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